Sub Surface Profiler

Simplicity meets efficiency

Sub Surface Profiler SSP Illustration transparent
Sub Surface Profiler SSP Illustration transparent

The Design

Our goal is to make your operation as safe and productive as possible. So we design innovative radar products that solve complex problems in simple ways. This passion drives our desire to think outside of the box to rethink old problems and reimagine new solutions. It has led us to the SSP, a product that improves underground mining productivity and safety in a revolutionary simple way.

Designed specifically for the challenges faced by underground mining operations globally, the SSP improves dynamic decision making through the precise management of Fall of Ground risks, as well as the optimal use of support mechanisms in an environment where every second counts.

Its light weight and patented ergonomic design allows for one handed operation by one person in much the same way as a paint roller. Data collected is wirelessly transmitted and processed in real time, giving instant feedback on rock structures while scanning.

Structure Identification

The support phase is a critical step in the underground production process where Fall of Ground risks are identified and managed through implementing support structures.

With next generation Ground Penetrating Radar technology, the SSP is able to quickly and accurately identify rock structures inside the rock mass. The result is optimal utilisation of roof support mechanisms for any operation.

Decision Making

Improving the flow of information once a fault structure has been identified facilitates quicker decision making – the key to effectively managing Fall of Ground events. The SSP gives instant feedback on fault structures while scanning.


With the confined spaces of underground mines in mind, the SSP’s compact design allows it to be used like a paint roller. Weighing less than 4.5 kg, it can be used with one hand by a single person. It is extremely power efficient and uses small rechargeable batteries.

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Technical Specifications


300 MHz – 1 GHz

Scan Depth

Up to 10m

Operators required

One – two operators required

Data acquisition

Real time

Operating time

> 4 hours


Intrinsic safe certification:

Ex ia I Ma

FCC certified


Industry Canada

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Sub Surface Profiler SSP Illustration transparent

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