MSRIV Esprit

Real speed not synthetic time

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The Design

MSRIV Esprit is the fourth generation MSR. This is the fastest scanning radar in the industry, MSRIV Esprit was designed to operate in highly volatile atmospheric conditions. It can detect a failure up to a rate of 13 500mm/h, the highest in the market.


Scan Speed

2D measurements are taken in less than two seconds repetitively, nearly eliminating all the false movement measurements from atmospherics. The atmospheric changes in two seconds is minimal.

A high scan speed produces the truest data, there is almost no compensation required for false movement due to atmospherics. Therefore, an insignificant amount of data is lost in processing to eliminate noise.


Instantaneous 2D area measurement

A whole area is scanned instantaneously in 2D with defined 3D synthetic map updates at pre-set intervals. This ensures that environmental changes will not introduce the potential for unreliable measurements.
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The Integrated GPS with full GNSS capability now allows for quick and easy geo-referencing of the radar into the mine’s local coordinate system by the push of a button.

An Auto–georeferenced system can be deployed during the day or night and eliminates the requirement for line of sight to reference points on the mine when utilising a total station. Predetermined reference points can also be imported to determine the position of the radar within the local mine coordinate system. The hardware is a permanent installation that eliminates the need for additional tools or cables.


Critical and strategic monitoring

Critical monitoring: the high scan speed and instantaneous 2D area measurements detect rapid failures up to a rate of 13 500 mm/h effortlessly.

Strategic monitoring: due to the minute noise and interference, small scale movement is now easily detected. This results in predicting potential failures earlier and increasing warning times.


The distance of the system from the pit slope, and therefore the point spacing generated for the synthetic map is paramount for defining the longitude and precision of resolution for which alarm settings are based. The finer the precision and therefore the resolution, the more refined the displacement trend data will be for smaller detectable areas.

MSRIV Esprit offers an operating range up to 4 000 m, providing resolution options that are exceptional.
Operating Range
Range resolution
Maximum azimuth resolution
Maximum elevation resolution
500m 0.5 1.38 0.74
1000m 0.5 2.76 1.47
2000m 0.5 5.52 2.95
4000m 0.5 11.03 5.90

Moving Targets

The ability to conduct near instantaneous area measurements assists with the tracking and therefore detection of moving targets such as trucks and other machinery. This feature provides better coverage for working and production areas.


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Technical Specifications

Maximum Coverage

90° H x 60° V

Scan Time

Radar scan time : less than 2 seconds continuously
HMI update rate : 5 minutes


Maximum: 0.158° H x 0.0845° V

Measurement Accuracy

Sub-millimeter smaller than 0.9mm in real conditions

Operating Range

Capable range 50 – 4000 meters (164 – 13,123 feet)

Data Processing and Storage

On-board data processing with storage for > 1 month of data


Standard temperature: -30°C to +55°C
Operational wind speed: 120km/h
Rain: up to 60mm/h
Relative humidity: 0% to 95%

Deployment Options

Fast non-level deployment to within 15°


Integrated Leica Geosystems total station

Power Options

Integrated generator
Integrated solar panels
External power supply of:

220V AC 50Hz
110V AC 60Hz


Complete remote operation through Wi-Fi wireless link
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