Berm Monitoring System

Continuous monitoring of berms


The Design

The BMS has a 360° capability that continuously monitors the berm height and position in a dynamic environment where these characteristics change constantly as the waste dump advances.  The safety of the waste dump safety berms forms part of the critical control measures to ensure that haul trucks do not reverse over the berm. Substandard berms are identified and an alarm will be raised through the software application to ensure the berm is restored to the required height.
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The BMS is a trailer mounted or fixed installation system with a battery bank that ensures uninterrupte­d power supply and a mast that holds the laser. The trailer can be deployed level within 10°. Communication is done by means of an integrated on- board Wi-Fi systems to the control room or any other remote PC. The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a web based platform that is displayed on the on- board PC as well as any other remote PC. A georeferenced aerial image which displays the BMS coordinates is used in the HMI. Up to six systems can be displayed on the HMI, where each system can be assessed individually to view the health of the system as well as the scan data collected.

The status of the berm being scanned will be displayed in green or red, dependent on height, position and criteria of the berm.

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The BMS has a minimum scan interval of 10 minutes with a scan envelope of 40° vertically and 60° horizontally and a height accuracy of 10 cm.

Once a berm has met substandard criteria, that is site specific, an alarm will be triggered in the control room. The coordinates of the substandard berm is also communicated to the control room to ensure that the berm is rectified to the standards as well as to avoid the area.

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Technical Specifications

Height accuracy

10 cm x 25 cm at 400 m


-10°C to +55°C (external power to be supplied for temperatures lower than -10°C)


up to 500 m

Scan intervals

minimum of 10 minutes

Scan envelope

vertically: vertically 40°, horizontally 60°

Power options

  • 220 V AC 50Hz
  • 110 V AC 60 Hz
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