The MSR range is the world’s most advanced slope stability radars, improving safety and productivity through accuracy and reliability. Using high performance radar technology and powered by the innovative MSR Connect software, the MSR Modular offers increased flexibility with operating ranges of up to 4000 meters for both strategic and tactical slope monitoring.

Multi Purpose Platform transparent image illustration small

Intended for going anywhere at any time, the MPP offers a mounting platform for a variety of different sensors and equipment. The platform has been designed with modularity in mind and can be configured for various user requirements. With advanced tamperproof mechanisms, the MPP is purpose built for the most challenging of mining conditions with intelligent circuitry that manages onboard battery performance.

Sub Surface Profiler SSP Illustration transparent

Our goal is to make your operation as safe and productive as possible. So we design innovative radar products that solve complex problems in simple ways. This passion drives our desire to think outside of the box; to rethink old problems and reimagine new solutions. It has led us to the SSP, a product that improves underground mining productivity and safety in a revolutionary simple way.


Slope Vision is an evolutionary georeferenced camera system tailored specifically to the geotechnical industry.

The Slope Vision system comprising of a high-definition camera system and advanced software enables the user to command the camera to specific georeferenced coordinates or points of interest.


At Reutech Mining we are constantly striving to provide our global Movement and Surveying Radar (MSR) clients with the most advanced real time 3D interface software available.

The MSR Connect is our new ultra user-friendly software, and is without question the most advanced monitoring software available in the marketplace today.

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MSRIV Esprit is the latest addition to the MSR range that has proved to be the world’s most advanced slope stability radars. It is the most sophisticated slope monitoring radar to date, completing a full scan in less than 2 seconds, it delivers the most accurate 3D data at all times. Given this unimaginable scan speed, the MSRIV Esprit is the best strategic and critical monitoring radar available for even the harshest atmospheric and slope movement conditions in the world.

Reutech Digital Compass (RDC) 3D render 2022

The Reutech Digital Compass (RDC) is a handheld, battery powered, digital tilt corrected compass, designed for the mining geotechnical community. It allows the user to generate and store a tilt corrected reading by simply placing the unit on a structure and pressing the measurement button. Unique freedom of measurement means measurements can be taken at any orientation or angle, even if the display is not visible.

Berm Monitoring System (BMS) Illustration

Our aim is to improve safety and productivity in the mining environment. The Berm Monitoring System (BMS) is used to ensure and improve safety in the process of back filling mines and waste dumps. The system uninterruptedly monitors the safety berms to ensure that the required height, which is site dependent, is continuously maintained.

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