Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System

Protection Beyond Fences

PIMS Illustration small
PIMS Illustration

The Design

PIMS operates as a standalone solution, but its flexible hardware platform allows for complete integration with traditional security mechanisms. A PTZ camera becomes an even more valuable asset, as CSR automatically feeds real time updated coordinates to the camera for focused visual tracking. Consider the security industry reinvented.

Life - saving

Detect threats before they become life-threatening. The advanced warning offered by PIMS radars gives security the ability to prevent the loss of life.

Auto - cueing

Movement in radar-protected zones cues cameras directly to the threat, autonomously giving security a clear picture of the threat before it reaches and breaches your perimeter.

All - weather

PIMS Radar performs well regardless of the weather. PIMS delivers situational awareness where optics are inhibited by fog, rain, snow, and lighting conditions.


Technical Specifications

Commercial RF Sensor Family Detection Range Pedestrian Walking Detection Range Moving Vehicle Coverage Area *
C20C 10m - 250m 10m - 400m 250m x 325m
20m - 450m
20m - 600m
20m - 600m
20m - 850m
450m x 350m
600m x 425m
30m - 850m
30m - 1050m
30m - 1250m
30m - 1500m
850m x 750m
1050m x 850m
C950B 35m - 1350m 35m - 2000m 1350m x 1000m
CK2 5m - 125m 5m - 175m 125m x 40m
CK10 5m - 150m 5m - 200m 150m x 150m

* without line of sight restriction

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