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Versatility, squared

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The Design

Intended for going anywhere at any time, the MPP offers a mounting platform for a variety of different sensors and equipment. The platform has been designed with modularity in mind and can be configured for various user requirements. With advanced tamperproof mechanisms, the MPP is purpose built for the most challenging of operational conditions with intelligent circuitry that ensures a reliable uniterrupted power supply.
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Camera System

The MPP is also able to host Reutech’s powerful Slope Vision solution. This high quality Internet Protocol camera makes use of existing on-site data networks to provide both visual and video capturing capabilities. When installed on the MPP a fully mobile and self-sufficient solution is realised. Extensive research, in collaboration with our industry partners has proven that the MPP fitted with a Slope Vision offers clients unprecedented flexibility and benefits.

In Pit Alarm System

The increased focus on extreme mobility in rapidly changing mining environments, has produced the need for mining personnel to rely on a secondary alarming device as an extra measure of precaution. The MPP in an In Pit Alarm Configuration meets this need by providing both visual and audible alarm capabilities. These secondary alarms are remotely activated when either one of the primary dual user-defined alarms are triggered on the MSR. The In Pit Alarm System is paired to a MSR via a high-speed wireless data link, allowing it to be deployed anywhere within the mine.

Personal Alarming Devices

The MPP can be configured to host the Personal Alarming Device transmitter. The PAD is a small wireless communication device that displays alphanumeric messages accompanied by audible and vibrating alerts. This is a suitable option for users whose critical monitoring activities require the immediate alert of certain groups of operators in the form of a customised message. Multiple Personal Alarming Devices can be paired with a single MSR.

Automatic Weather Station

An automatic weather station, consisting of a temperature and humidity sensor, wind speed and direction sensor, air pressure sensor and precipitation sensor, can also be installed on the MPP. All weather data is stored via an onboard data logger and can be accessed at any time. Users interested in correlating weather information, for example rainfall, with movement activity will be able import the logged weather data directly into the MSR’s software.

WiFi Repeater Station

The MPP, when configured as a repeater station provides a dedicated high speed network link for reliable data transfer. The MPP connects to all devices within a 360° radius located within a 500m line of sight through an omnidirectional antenna that radiates radio wave power uniformly in all directions. Data is relayed from the MPP to the closest access point by means of a second powerful directional antenna. Multiple repeater stations can be linked together to establish a high speed wireless connection to devices deployed in even the most remote parts of an operation. Power supply autonomy is achieved through onboard batteries charged by high capacity solar panels, offering maximum uptime and minimal maintenance. The mobile nature of the MPP promotes flexibility as the network can easily be relocated to adapt to rapidly changing operational requirements.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply:

Repeater IPAS Camera IPAS and Camera
Peak Power (W) 18.86 68.05 79.74 128.05
Energy Usage Per Day (W) 0.453 1.183 1.254 1.963
Battery Capacity (Ah) 75 375 375 450
Battery Voltage (V) 24 24 24 24
Autonomy from Batteries (days) 3.6 3.4 3.2 2.5
Solar Panel Capacity (W) 300 600 600 600


Length: 4.5m
Payload: 10kg
Hand air-pump


Component Description
Off-road chassis Mild steel – hot dipped galvanized
Axle strength 2500 kg Braked axle with auto reverse coupler and handbrake
Wheels 6 Hole 139.75 pcd steel rim, 215r15 tyres (2 off + 1 spare)
Jockey wheel 200mm Heavy duty wheel with 48mm shaft and heavy duty clamp
Tail lights 12v Truck light type with led number plate lights
Security Datadot – compulsory
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