Global Support
& Logistics

Daily operations have become crucially dependant on the reliability of the equipment used to safeguard critical resources’ responsible for productivity. Through our global support and logistics network, Reutech Mining offers clients a highly dependable support infrastructure on a 24/7 basis.

With the advanced System Monitor application and advanced on board telemetry, each MSR is monitored in real time and automatically reports on the health of critical system components. Advanced Built-In-Test (BIT) functionality allows for intelligent fault finding by means of a comprehensive Fault Reporting and Corrective Action System. This allows for frontline system diagnosis directly from the Reutech Mining call centre, which eliminates the need to mobilise a technician to site to perform this function. The result is faster repair turnaround times and a reduction in associated repair costs.

Onsite repairs and technical services are performed by our global team of factory certified technicians. They have comprehensive knowledge of our products and are also responsible for preventative maintenance, identification of improvements, software upgrades and spares management. This means face-to-face support on a regular basis that fosters familiarity and confidence in our products.

Reutech Mining’s integrated logistics network along with our in-country partners allows us to provide full spares support for our products in some of the world’s most remote locations. All related functions are tailored to the unique requirements of each geographic location so as to ensure the highest level of Operational Availability.



Please phone these numbers for technical support in the event of an emergency maintenance problem.

+27 21 880 0307

Local (Only in South Africa)
0861 REUTECH (0861 738 8324)


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