Slope Vision

Evolutionary Georeferenced Camera System

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The Slope Vision system comprising of a high-definition camera system and advanced software enables the user to command the camera to specific georeferenced coordinates or points of interest.

While performing real-time monitoring, utilising the Movement and Surveying Radar (MSR), Slope Vision provides the user with a high-definition PTZ camera system to monitor all operation in the field of view. Once the MSR detects instability the Slope Vision can be task to investigate a specific point for any period of time without affecting the operation of the radar.

Slope Vision is an essential situational awareness tool that will provide value in the geotechnical environment.

Slope Vision

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Slope Vision

The benefits

The camera of the Slope Vision solution can be mounted on a Reutech MSR, Reutech MPP or a fixed point on the mine site. The images are digitally transmitted to the Slope Vision software and can provide footage of any selected point.

The system can be commanded from the both the Slope Vision software and the MSR software to view an area where geotechnical warning(s) or alarm threshold(s) was reached, thus allowing viewing or recording of these areas while the MSR continues with its primary function of critical slope stability monitoring uninterrupted.

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  • Slope Vision software has the ability to connect 4 cameras without software licences.
  • Image and Video formats are compatible with most 3rd party software.
  • Multilingual software is available for iOS, Android and Windows platforms for ease of use.
  • Slope Vision can be programmed to record at predetermined dates or times and the information can be downloaded in a format that is compatible with any video player application.
  • Automatic Defog
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • Vandal Resistant Bubble
  • Up to 32GB Edge Storage with Micro SD Card
  • ONVIF Profile S and Profile G Conformant
  • 3D Noise Filtering
  • 130dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
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Technical Specifications icon Technical Specifications

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Field of View PTZ (360° azimuth, 0° to 90° elevation)
Resolution Full HD (1920x1080)
Zoom 30x optical zoom
Image Quality 2MP
Standard Operating Temperatures -45°C to 60°C / -49°F to 140°F sustained operation
Cold Option Operating Temperatures -51°C to 60°C / -60°F to 140°F
Power Requirements 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
24VAC, 24VDC
VMS VideoXpert
Aspect Ratio 16:9