Walking the wired line

Slideminder Wireline Extensometer System product illustration

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With real-time monitoring, the SlideMinder system provides an immediate warning when movement occurs, greatly increasing the safety of personnel and reducing costly damage to equipment. Accurate measurements, combined with software that prevents false alarms, allows safe and remote monitoring while reducing production downtime.

Slideminder Wireline Extensometer System illustration


Wireline Extensometer System


  • Stand-alone system operates remotely and requires virtually no maintenance
  • Wi-Fi and FHSS radio technologies do not interfere with existing communications
  • Software utilizes web-based graphing engine - can be viewed and controlled on any computer on the network
  • Warnings and alarms can activate strobes and be sent via cell phones, web browsers, and e-mail
  • Complete customization of alarms allows geotechnical personnel to set user-defined warnings for multiple velocities and displacements for each machine
  • Field proven to withstand rugged conditions and extreme temperatures
  • Allows monitoring throughout a slope failure without damage to the unit