Reutech Digital Compass

Instantaneous measurement

Reutech Digital Compass (RDC) 3D render illustration
Reutech Digital Compass (RDC) 3D render illustration

The Design

Measure Dip, Dip Direction, or Dip Strike with a single button press at any angle or orientation using the Reutech Digital Compass (RDC). This handheld device enables quick and easy measurement of geological features, and uniquely tagged measurements are stored on the unit for convenient transfer to PC via Bluetooth as and when required.
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The RDC offers the opportunity to achieve much more in a far shorter time span, enabling mapping of multiple structures in a fraction of the time spent using conventional means. The elimination of tedious tasks such as levelling a unit or ensuring the unit does not move before reading the measurement guarantees a seamless experience when using the device. An intuitive menu provides a single button interface. Taking measurements and activating, cycling through, or selecting menu items is all achieved by either a long or short button press.

Once all measurements have been taken, the data is rapidly transferred via Bluetooth to a PC application for viewing.



Connect wirelessly to the RDC to configure or download measurements via a user-friendly Windows 10 application. The application displays device information, individual measurements and enables addition of a user defined true or magnetic north correction factor to measurements taken. Download stored results to CSV format for processing in third party geotechnical software.


  • FCC
  • CE
  • IC
  • IS
  • SANS


Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

80 x 62 x25 mm, <72g (including battery)


CR2450 (±8 hour operation)


4.2 interface to RDC PC application


< ±2°

Measurement modes

Dip (D) and Dip direction (DD)
Dip (D) and Strike (S)

Display modes

Dynamic (display updates as unit moves)
Static (displays last measurement)

Data output

CSV format, date and time stamped

True North offset

Set via PC application
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